Introducing Ave Dental Clinic


My name is Lotchi. I am a dental messenger from Ave Dental Clinic. I want to introduce our dental clinic and services to you, and I hope you will love us to be your dental care solutions provider.

Our clinic is located at No. 30 Ago Palace Way, Esuola Bustop, Ago – Okota, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Our main goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health and to create that beautiful AVE smile.

We provide quality dental care in a comfortable and safe environment. Lifelong relationships are created based on honesty and trust with our patients.

Through patient education and our various community giveback initiatives, we ensure that our patients are knowledgeable in making informed decisions when it comes to their oral health.

Our Services include:
– Family and General Dentistry.
– Dental Hygiene Care.
– Tooth Whitening.
– Dental Surgery.
– Etc.

Call us today on 0803 303 2833 or schedule an appointment today. We look forward to your visit.

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